This ministry is not about us and it is not even about healthy missionary kids – even though that is an important focus for us.  It is about God!  We want to be sure to keep coming back to that for several reasons.  One reason is to keep from being overwhelmed by all of the needs we see.  Another is to keep us from focusing on our own strengths and weaknesses and the ability we have to meet the needs we see, and instead to focus on HIM!


Both AIM (our mission agency) and RVA (our school) have mission statements that talk about “declaring the glory of God.”  By serving missionary kids, we believe we are declaring the glory of God to them and we are helping them and their families declare the glory of Jesus Christ to the people of Africa.

We believe that declaring the glory of God means telling who He is.  God is the creator of the universe, but the most amazing thing about God is that he loves people more than we can fathom.  When, in the name of Jesus, we love hurting, needy people in all the various ways that missionaries do, we acknowledge the dignity that God created them and we show and tell them that God really loves them, which really is declaring His glory.

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