Why You?

We really cannot do this without you.  There are two vital ways that people like you are part of the team and we are so thankful for your partnership in either or both of these ways with us.


We do not claim to fully understand the spiritual dynamics of prayer, but we are fully convinced that we are working in the territory of the enemy.  Satan is real and it seems that he has a pretty serious stronghold on some of the areas that the families of RVA students work.  The proclamation of the Gospel is a proclamation to set people free from Satan’s power and we are convinced he does not allow that without a fight.  Christ has already won the war, but the battle for the souls of men continues.  It is so good to know that you are praying for us and this ministry.  We sometimes grow weary, but we know that it would be even worse if you were not lifting us up in prayer.


AIM chose long ago to staff the school with “faith missionaries” rather than with hired teachers.  Our school fees remain quite affordable since all of our staff are financially supported by churches and individuals in their home countries.  Each of us on staff is trusting God to provide for our needs by raising up a team of people who commit to give on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc).  Many of you are part of that, and we are truly grateful.  We are also thankful for occasional “one-time” gifts.  Often those come just when we need them most.  Those gifts can also be designated towards special projects and funds such as a vehicle fund.

Some Financial Details

Africa Inland Mission is our sending mission and they handle all financial donations for us.  If you ever have questions about our finances, you can either ask us, or ask AIM by calling 1-877-407-6077 or email AIM at financeassist.ca@aimint.org.

If you are currently supporting us by writing a cheque each month, may we suggest that you consider setting up an automatic withdrawal plan with AIM?  The main benefit is that it reduces overall workload at our home office and it helps you be consist with giving.

We are amazed at how God provides.  There has never been a time that we have been in need.  However, we have found that we are consistently below our target support amount.  Having the full amount of target support allows us to focus on our ministry and not on what we cannot do.  If you feel that you would like to partner with us by supporting us financially you can print off the pledge form and send it into AIM.  You can also follow the link on the side to make a donation using your credit card.  No amount is too little or too great.  We are blessed to know that God uses every amount to His glory and honour.  Faithful giving by His people will not go unnoticed.  All donations are tax deductible.

Financial Pledge Form (printable PDF form)

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