Why Africa?

Africa is a huge continent with a great deal of resources and yet it faces huge problems and challenges as well.  If you take a look at a globe (not a map) you will see that Africa is larger than the continent of North America.

It is true that the church has grown significantly across Africa.  In some places African nationals have been, can be, and should be replacing western mission efforts.  However, it is also true that there is continuing need for leadership development, fuller understanding of the Gospel, and encouragement to show the love of Jesus in physical, tangible ways to a continent that has the poorest of the poor.

Islam is also alive and well on the continent and its followers often live in a darkness of half-truths, uncertainty, and works based spirituality.  Work among Islamic groups is especially hard for both western and African national missionaries.

Tribal and religious hatred, greed, and misunderstanding continue to fuel much civil unrest and even genocide.  The light, peace, and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus is certainly needed in this dark continent.

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