Dubber Update June 2019

SUMMER IN CANADA – We are excited to be spending part of this coming July and August in Canada! Normally, we are in Kenya for four years and return to Canada for one year. This time though, the year in Canada would fall on Titus’ grade 12 year. Titus would love to graduate in Kenya so we are taking a shorter home assignment this summer. This will also allow us to see Cassidy whom we haven’t seen in a year. We can hardly wait!

Because the time is short, we are going to be focused mainly on family who live in both BC and Alberta. We realize that we are not going to get to see everyone but hope to see as many friends and family as we can. In case you are close by, here is where we are going to be on Sundays:

  • July 21 – Squamish Baptist in Squamish, BC
  • July 28 – Armstrong, BC
  • August 4 – Hawkwood Baptist in Calgary, AB
  • August 11 – Stettler Alliance in Stettler, AB
  • August 18 – Lethbridge Evangelical Free in Lethbridge, AB

STORMY TIMES – This past year and a half have definitely been the hardest we have ever experienced in ministry. The Lord has drawn us closer together as a family and taught us so much. He has been our anchor in the storm and we are thankful for this time of growth and challenge. Thank you to those of you have been praying for us. We look forward to sharing more with all of you when we are back.

CHANGES AHEAD – This school year Todd has continued to teach PE and coach field hockey and volleyball. Kylie took on the role of Assistant Superintendent at the beginning of this school year and also continued as Counseling Liaison and coached field hockey.

This coming school year, Todd will be adding Canadian Studies to his teaching schedule. We have also requested to return to dorm parenting. We have missed having this role at RVA. We are so excited to be returning to our old dorm to dorm parent grade 7 & 8 girls for the next two years. We will be moving out of the house we have lived in for the past 8 years just before we fly back to Canada this summer. Exciting times ahead!!!

FIELD HOCKEY & VOLLEYBALL – Mid-March we wrapped up a very full field hockey season. The Lord provided an assistant coach this year for Kylie who has extensive field hockey playing experience. Both of our teams did excellent this year with our highest finish in the league yet. Todd is now coaching volleyball and has a passion for seeing younger players develop in their skills and love of volleyball. Coaching is such a joy for both of us. It is an opportunity to build into our students more than just skills as well as continue to build great relationships with the coaches at other schools.

COASTAL CULTURES STUDENT TRIP – In March we were able to take a group of grade twelve students on a 10 hour drive to the coast of Kenya to learn about coastal cultures as well as meet with families who are ministering there. We were amazed at all of the people that we met and experiences that we had. In Mombasa and Malindi we learned about Islam, Swahili culture, the coast’s Portuguese history, as well as the impacts of British and Italian colonial influence.

STEVEN’S CHILDREN’S HOME – Thank you to those of you that have taken an interest in Steven’s Children’s Home. Recently Steven found a family of six children who had been abandoned by their parents. Though already having 10 children living at his home, Steven took them in until they were able to find a more permanent home for them at a larger location where they could all stay together. Through the RVA community, the Lord provided clothing, food, and a loving home for these children after such a traumatic experience. We are so thankful for Steven and his wife, Mary, who are making such a tangible impact on their community. In May, Steven was ordained as a pastor. His church is vibrant and growing. When we attend, our dance moves (or lack there of) are always challenged when all the chairs get pushed to the side and singing, worship, and dancing shake the building for an hour. What a different and inspiring experience compared to our much more traditional church upbringing. 😊 If you would like to be a part of this ministry by contributing financially please let us know.

CASSIDY – This past year, Cassidy has been at Prairie College in Three Hills, Alberta doing their one-year Encounter Program as well as working at a local coffee shop.  This coming school year she will be at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, AB studying Hospitality Management. Though missing Kenya, Cassidy has had a fantastic year and we are thankful for the many friends she has made, all the things she has learned, and the great support system that the Lord has blessed her with.

TITUS & ELLA – Titus is in grade 10. He loves playing, watching, and following sports. We are sure he is Africa’s most faithful Calgary Flames fan. He enjoys spending time with friends, has a great sense of humor, and works hard in school. Ella is in grade 6. She loves DIY projects, gymnastics, singing, art, and most of all – hanging out with friends. She is currently getting ready for her year-end grade 6 trip to the William Holden Wildlife Foundation. In May, Titus turned 17 and Ella turned 12. Titus is quickly catching up to Todd’s 6 feet and Ella is getting ready to pass Kylie in height very soon. We are definitely in need of clothes when we come back to Canada as they are outgrowing everything!

FINANCIAL SUPPORT – We have been truly blessed with such a faithful group of supporters.  As you will know there are many life circumstances that lead to people having to change what they give.  We are currently running $400/month short of what we are needing to be able to run at 100% for ministry here at RVA, providing for Cassidy’s continued education, and for living in Kenya in general.  If you would like to support us please either contact us or view our web page about that here – Why You?

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