Thoughts from a Missionary Kid (MK)

Thought we would try something a little different and give a glimpse into life from our children’s perspective.  Cassidy contributes to this prayer letter with her thoughts and experiences.  She will be leaving Kenya in just a couple of days (July 18).  Praises and prayers will be at the end of the post.

For those of you that don’t know me that well, my name Cassidy and in the past few months I turned 18, survived a week long camel-camping trip in Laikipia, and finished my last term at RVA. At the moment emotions seem to change within a heartbeat, leaving Kenya in just a few short days is nothing to be happy about. At the same time I am preparing to start a new chapter of life and my Guka ([Goo ka]; aka Grandpa) has come to visit and travel back with me, yay! The experiences that I have had in these last couple of years of my life leave me feeling so blessed to be surrounded by awesome friends and family. For example, the camel-camping trip. At my school, all the junior and senior students get to go on a learning trip called interim. You can chose to go to the coast of Kenya, Northern Kenya, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Egypt, or Uganda. Then, depending on what students choose, they participate in different learning opportunities/experiences. Everyone is split up according to what they are interested in and we all get to leave school campus a week early for interim.

This year I signed up to go camping which turned into an all-girls group with amazing leaders. We took a map of Kenya and basically decided to go to a ranch, located in an area called Laikipia near Mt. Kenya, that raises camels and has a program where you ride camels to a different campsite every night for about a week. Experiences included de-worming goats, cooking supper over a camp fire, thatching roofs, teaching a class at a Kenyan elementary school and slaughtering a goat. Let’s just say I was out of my comfort zone for most of the trip. Before you ask, I did not slaughter the goat… I just drank its blood. Moving on, the trip was amazing, all the girls became such close friends and we all learned more about the beautiful country that we live in. One day while we were riding the camels, I was talking with friend when all of a sudden a cheetah came running by. Our guides thought it was a mother cheetah that was trying to protect its babies by running to distract us. Therefore we spent the next 5 minutes looking for its babies, we didn’t find them, but the cool part was that just minutes before I prayed and asked God if we could see a cheetah. I thought it would the least scary big cat to see and He answered that prayer.

Currently I am getting ready to leave RVA. I will be going to Prairie College in Three Hills, Alberta and living with my Guka and ShoSho (Grandpa and Grandma). I would really appreciate it if you would pray for a good transition for me back into Canada. My parents have decide to stay in Kenya for the next year and not come back with me. I am blessed to have an awesome extended family that will take care of me but at the same time it will be a big step to say goodbye to my Dad, Mom, and siblings. Saying goodbye to my friends will be really hard so you can be praying that we will all say goodbye well.

We are very proud of Cassidy.  She has grown into a beautiful young woman and showing maturity and wisdom everyday.  We are trusting that God will show her His plan for her life and guide her to be successful in every way in her future endeavours.  We will be sad to have her leave our family here but are confident that she will have very good supports for her in Canada.

Prayer and Praises:

  • We are so thankful for committed financial and prayer supporters.  We cannot express just how grateful we are to know that there is such a faithful team of people with us participating in this ministry.  We praise God for the provisions He has given and thank you for giving.
  • Please pray for the ability to pay for Cassidy’s education.  She has desires and ambitions which we trust are from God and know that she will be blessed by His provision in her life as well.  We have saved in an education savings plan but it will definitely not provide for all that she will need.
  • Kylie has transitioned into a new job here at RVA.  She has been Dean of Women for several years here but has now been asked to fill the role of Assistant Superintendent.  She has been gifted in amazing ways and wants to see the staff at RVA develop their gifts and talents to make this place even better.  Please pray that Kylie will be wise in this position and that God will continue to use her as He has in the past.

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