“You are Covered”

On a recent trip we experienced a breakdown with our vehicle.  The fuel pump stopped working and the vehicle “ran out of gas” even though we had plenty in the tank.  At the time we were with an AIM colleague of ours who was in the car.  We had just been telling him how good the vehicle had been for us; then it stopped dead in the road.  We were so thankful that we had traveled about two hundred kilometres that day without problem.  Turned out that our colleague had an AMA membership and, having being in the car at the time of the breakdown, it allowed us to use his membership to have our car towed to a town close by.  In making phone calls we were under the impression that because of the distance we may need to pay a fee for additional kilometres to be towed.  As we got closer to the mechanics shop I asked the towed truck driver how I could pay for the additional cost of the trip.  He turned to me and said, “You are covered”.  What sweet words to hear when your vehicle is broken.

At the mechanic shop we found out that the cost of the repair was quite steep as the pump was inside the fuel tank.  We were not sure how we were going to pay for this but we needed to go ahead with the repair as we had no other means of transport.  After a few hours the vehicle was fixed and we were back on the road with little disruption to our scheduled meetings.  However, that is no the end of the story.  Something even more amazing happened.  The very next day the cost of the repairs were covered by a complete stranger to us who heard of our vehicle breakdown.  They gave nearly the total amount of the repair bill.  God knew exactly what we needed before we even had the breakdown and it all was in place within a matter of hours.  We give praise to God for his provision.

We realized again just how that feels to be “covered” as Christians and have every aspect of our sin taken care of when Jesus died for all of us on the cross.  How many times have we thought about what we could do to pay for what we do not owe anything for?  It was a good reminder, through a “bump in the road” with our vehicle, an encounter with a tow truck driver and a stranger looking to help, that our debts are covered and that God is good in all that we need.

We are fast coming to the end of our planned year here in Canada in the first week of August.  It has been eventful year covering a large part of Alberta in our travels.  We realize during our time back here in Alberta, when meeting with many, many people, that there are uncertain times for people here.  We have faith that God knows exactly what each persons needs are and that He will provide. We want to encourage people that we arrived back in Canada with a lot of uncertainty as well.  Looking back to that time, we left Kenya without a house to live in Alberta, we did not have a car, there was no job lined up, we did not know where our children would go to school.  God has been so faithful to us in providing not just a little in these areas but more than we could ever ask or hope for.  We are trusting that He will do the same for His people here in Alberta as well.

As we prepare to head back we are mindful of a couple of things that we would like to ask that you consider.  First, we need prayer to cover us during this time of transition and our time back in Kenya.  We are definitely in that phase, just after feeling somewhat settled here in Lethbridge, of looking ahead to going back “home”. We have posted a series of blogs that came from an OMF brochure about praying for your missionary.  We would be so grateful if you could do this with us.  You can find that series of blogs here: For the Prayer Partner.

Cassidy, Ella, Titus

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Second, we are roughly 10% short in our monthly financial support which translates into approximately $700/month.  We are praising God that we are seeing people partner with us in this area.  There are many contributing factors in a shortfall like this.  As our children get older there are increased costs that we need to consider.  The primary issue is the exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar compared to the U.S. dollar and Kenyan schilling that affects us the most.  We need to have 100% of our monthly support amount committed before we can go back to Kenya.  Please prayerfully consider what you can do in this area.  Here is a link for you to be able to find out how this can be done online or through the Africa Inland Mission office in Scarborough: Giving.

We also would like to remind you that there are quite a few previous blog posts that we have been doing to keep people up to date with what is going on in our lives.  Feel free to take a look here at what we have been up to these past few months. Take a look here: Blog.  Hopefully it is interesting.

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