For Prayer Partners – Day 7

Country and People Group

Expand your praying to include the entire country where you missionary is located.  The political situation, the government and its leaders, visas, freedom to preach the gospel – ll of these are important factors in world evangelism.  You can also pray that the whole country will open up in responsiveness to the gospel.

Especially pray for the people group that the missionary is trying to reach.  Learn all that you can about them and pray for an indigenous church movement among them.  Here are a couple of resources to help learn more.

Whether you use this guide regularly or use some other method, you can never run out of prayer material.  We haven’t even mentioned your missionaries relationship with their home church, the parents and family left at home and their financial needs.

You have plenty of important work to do in giving the world the message of Jesus Christ.  And you will know God better for it.  No matter how many times you may fail in your daily commitment, you can start it again today.


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