Living in Canada

It is hard to believe that it is already December after coming back to Canada in August.  We have had many things going on that makes it seem that we have been in Canada longer than four months.  Life does take on a different “shape” while we are back.  Even though we were in denial that freezing temperatures were going to happen, we are thankful for the milder introduction to winter this fall.  However, we are so excited about what this year has in store for us.

On our way back to Canada we stopped in Toronto and connected with a good friend of ours who is a pretty awesome photographer.  He took our pictures again for our newest prayer card and we are so very grateful for that.  We have a lot fun doing that and he makes us look good every time.  You may see several of his pictures on our website and facebook including this one below.  A big thanks to Phil Crozier for taking time in his busy schedule to hang out with us.

DubberFamily2015 26You will most likely notice a change in email addresses from us in the near future.  We are moving away from a joint RVA email account that Todd and Kylie share to individual email address.  So please continue to send emails to and we will continue to get them and respond.  However, the response will be from either or  We continue to use the address which we will most likely move toward using this address as our primary one for communication and to simplify our inbox.  If there are changes to your contact information please let us know as well so that we can keep up to date with you and where you are at.

We are transitioning back to life in Canada and praising God for a very good place to live in Lethbridge, Alberta, a good supporting church to attend, a reliable vehicle to drive, volunteer opportunities and work that is very flexible with the responsibilities that we have being back this year.

We continue to rely on our supporters giving each month while being back in Canada.  However, it is impossible for Todd to sit around and not do something.  So, Todd is working part-time for a renovation company to help with the additional start-up costs coming back to Canada and make up the short fall that we have in our monthly income.  It also has been very good to do manual work during transition.  He recently was accepted on the substitute teacher list in Lethbridge and will be getting in the classrooms starting in January.  He is looking forward to being able to participate in professional development to be able to go back to RVA recharged to teach again.

Kylie is enjoying the slower pace of life catching up on reading and doing mom things for the children.  She has been getting to know some Kenyan international students here in Lethbridge as well.  This gets some interesting reactions from the Kenyan students when they find out that she lives in Kenya.  Hopefully it will provide opportunities to care for them while they are so far away from home.

Cassidy, Titus, and Ella are doing well.  They are attending a Christian school in the city and are getting involved and making friends.  There are challenges that come with just dropping into school and it will take a little longer before they truly feel that they have consistent friends and feel comfortable with what is going on.  They are positive in their outlook on life which makes a big difference in how they feel about not being “home”.

Please pray that we will be able to arrange a good travel schedule to meet supporting churches and people during this year.  One of the things that needs to happen is having more people give to our monthly support this year as well.  We have already spoken at a couple of churches and met with many friends.  We are blessed to know so many people.  We also want to reconnect with family and find out what we can do to help with medical needs that our parents are having.  We are also needing to find activities that we can do as a family that are fun and affordable.  Thank you for praying for us and the faithful giving during this time of moving halfway around the world.

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