Seven Ways to Pray for the Dubbers

In three weeks we will have packed everything away in our house in Kenya, claim 5-7 bags as our worldly possessions, and board an airplane for our trip back to Canada.  It is not easy saying ‘good-bye’ to home and arriving back to our passport ‘home’.  Home is that relative term of ours that describes our physical place in Kenya and our emotional place in Canada.  This really is a crazy way to live.

In other ways it is a very exciting way to live.  We have prayed and talked and sought counsel about what this next year will look like for us.  We have decided to pursue living in Lethbridge, AB for this next year.  This holds a special place for us as this is where we first lived after we were married 19 years ago.  We have a large support base there and we have been feeling prompted by God to be there. Basing ourselves in Lethbridge will also allow us to connect with the church and community in different ways that we have not been able to in the past.  We still plan on visiting all of the other special places that we are connected with.  We will communicate what that schedule will look like in the next months as we settle back into routine in Canada.

We shared some specific needs, house, vehicle, school, and job, the last time we wrote.  We have been encouraged in several of those areas and want to let you know about what has been happening.  After contacting the church in Lethbridge we had some contacts about housing in that area.  So far we do not have a place to live just yet but we are confident that God has the best place for us for what we can afford.  Housing connects to schooling as well for our children.  We are trusting that where ever we live that the schooling options will be the best of our kids.  We also had a couple donate the amount from the sale of their vehicle to help us get one when we are back.  That was a huge blessing.  We are looking forward to the ability to buy a vehicle when we get back because of them.  Job is something that is an unknown at this time.  We are praying that Lethbridge is not too saturated with substitute teachers so that Todd can complete the requirements to get his permanent teaching certificate.  That certificate has so far been incomplete because teaching at RVA for the past fifteen years is not recognized by Alberta Education.

With those things on our front burner here these are our prayer requests that we are asking that you pray with us about for the next several weeks.  Please pray:

  • that just the right housing situation will be there for us that fits within our budget.
  • that the housing will be close to great schools for our children to attend.
  • that we will be able to find a vehicle in the first couple of weeks when we get back.
  • that substitute teaching work will not be too difficult to get.  That Todd will build good relationships with school. teachers and students so that he could get consistent days to work.
  • that our children will make good friends and have good interactions with people in Canada.  We are going to a place that they are not familiar with.  Especially Ella is very unsure of what ‘home in Canada’ is like and this will be a time that she will learn many things about what that is.
  • that Todd and Kylie will find the support and encouragement needed after a long and sometimes difficult four years.  Pray that we will be able to enter peoples lives for the year that we are back and build good friendships as well.
  • for good decisions in areas of professional development for Todd and Kylie and activities of involvement for our children.  We come back in need of input in areas of learning, experiencing, and enjoying life in Canada.

We know that everyone leads busy lives but if you spend time praying for even one or more of these requests we would greatly appreciate it.  We know that God can, and will, provide abundantly more than we can ever imagine or think to ask for.  We are glad to have people supporting us in prayer with that same knowledge of how great our God is.

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