Pinewood Derby 2014

Pinewood Derby signFor those of you who have followed us for the past fourteen years you will be well familiar with the event of Pinewood Derby here at RVA.  For those of you who have not, you should know that this is a big event here at the school.  Many students have a blast making cars out of wood and racing them down a really large track that is set up in the gym.  There are so many creative students and staff here.  It is super exciting to see what people come up with.  Then on the day of the races crowds of people come and enjoy food that the senior students prepare and sell and enjoy the joy that the participants have in seeing their cars run down the track.

It is kind of a compulsion in the Dubber family to make a few cars and see how they do.  This year, two of our three cars won awards.  We were given four weeks to work out a car that would be the most creative, best engineered, or the fastest or all of the above.  Many times we just hope that they make it down the track to the finish.  It is hard to come up with a design and then carry it out.  The cars are restricted in size and weight which adds to the challenge of what can be done to the block of wood that is given out at the beginning.  Todd gets to volunteer in the shop as well so by the end of the event many hours are spent cutting and shaping many cars other than his own.  It is a good thing to see the excitement on students faces when their car runs down the track knowing that he had a part in making it happen.2014 Pinewood Derby cars

It is a great event for the community.  It comes at the end of the term so it is a good distraction from the busyness of the term and the last week before exams.  A lot has gone on these past three months.  If you think of us please pray that we will finish well, that the students will finish well, and that we will have a good family break before we start again in the new year.  Thanks for standing with us and praying while we are here.  It means a lot.

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