Moving Day!

No, not our moving day just yet.  We have become very good friends with a dear Kenyan family.  We have been working for many years to get them moved from a “colder” climate to a “warmer” climate for health issues.  The new location is just eleven kilometres down the escarpment.  They have been waiting for their new house to be finished and they have had much help to get it to where it is.  After two years of building it is finally ready for them and we are not wasting any time in getting them into that new house.

We started at 8:00 am.  Todd drove the RVA truck to the house to pick up the old house that their sons, Steven and Simon had lived in as boys.  It was now going to be the kitchen (jikoni) at the new house.  We hired three guys to build it at the new site while we moved the rest…

We also hired two additional guys to help move things from their house to the loading point up the hill, plus there were lots of family and neighbours helping….

We carried everything from the yard,Moving from the old houseUp the path, around the corner, up a big step through the fence, and then…

Moving things up the pathUp the pathUp the big hill to the road above.  It is hard to appreciate just how steep it is in these pictures.  However, just walking up it is hard, carrying things up it makes it seem that it is going straight up.  Lots of neighborhood kids stood watch over everything at the top.

Up the big hillUp the hill
















It is incredible to us what the ladies carry on their backs.  Here is Teresa, their daughter,  who single-handedly carried the stove the entire way up that hill!!!!!!!!

Stove is no match for TeresaTodd came back to old house with the truck to pick up everything.  It took three trips to get everything down there.

At the new house!

The kitchen went up fast.

Moving day at new houseThe kids cleared a nice path to the outhouse – taking out hills, bumps, and dips. Half is choo (bathroom – long drop to be more accurate) and the other half is the shower room.

Smoothing the dirtThe common area.  There is a window behind the big bureau which we moved to the wall on the right.  The breeze that comes through from back to front is wonderful.

Common area at Samson and Mary's houseOne of the bedrooms.  There are two.  This one will be Samson and Mary’s room.

BedroomHere is Hannah and Teresa.  They are Samson and Mary’s daughters.  The lady beside them is a neighbour who came over earlier and cleaned the whole house to make sure it was ready for them.

Hanna and TeresaSteven and Simon, Samson and Mary’s sons, were also there.  This is a picture of Steven and Samson – father and son talking about the intricacies of the kitchen.

Steven and SamsonThe happy couple enjoying having a lot of people around and a new house to settle into.

Samson and MaryWe thought that you would enjoy a bunch of pictures to help commemorate the day.  Cassidy was the official photographer of the day so many of the pictures in this post is the day through her eyes.??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


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