2013 Review

First of all we need to give thanks to God for another great year.  We have been fully supported financially for yet another year which is such a blessing. We have such a great group of supporters both financially and prayerfully that have stood with us for the past thirteen years that we know we are taken care of.  After having interesting and challenging health issues with our youngest Ella and a hospital stay over New Year’s last year we have gone through a full year without any issues and we are praising God for that.  Our children are doing well in school and have good friendships.  We have been able to purchase a vehicle which we have not had for much of our time here.  We have had safety in all of our travels and Todd and Cassidy even had the opportunity to make a trip back to Canada for a family wedding.  We know that God is in control and has a great plan for us.

Recent events in our region of the world have made us re-evaluate the reason why we are here.  Sometimes we get complacent with our lives and that bad things do not happen to us or people that we know.  Events like the Westgate Mall attack, random grenade attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa, instability in Somalia and thousands of refugees living in Kenya, and unrest in Sudan sending even more refugees to Kenya brings it all very close to home.  Living as a minority in a country where it all of the sudden seems like everyone is out to get you, irrational as it is, becomes a thought that can override every decision.  It can be debilitating.  The depravity of man is so evident but the thing is that it can happen anywhere.  We read of stories of shootings in America and terrible things that others do to each other that it is only by the grace of God that we are not given over to what Satan wants.  He is happy when we destroy each other and instill fear so that we are bound by those things.  So we realize that we are even more compelled to be here and work with people in the community and help the parents of the students who are here reaching those who need to be reached.  We are all part of the tide pushing back the forces of evil who so desperately want us to live in chaos.  God is in control and has a great plan for us.

This next year has so much in store.  We are past the mid-point of our four year term now with our planned home assignment coming in the summer of 2015 and it can feel very long.  Especially when we miss family and friend events.  Sometimes we learn of people passing away, other times we do not, and are not being able to grieve.  We hear of weddings and babies but cannot be there in person to celebrate. It is the choice that we make but it does not make it easier to be here as time goes on.  Kylie continues to fulfill the role of Dean of Women which can be a demanding job.  We are so glad that she is doing it and, if you ask many people here, she does a very good job at it. She is so gifted in the area of working with others and being sensitive to maintain relationship that she speaks much further into peoples’ lives.  Todd continues to teach P.E. and coach in the extracurricular sports program.  It is such a joy for him to be out teaching and playing with the kids.  Time goes quickly when we have fun, right?  Cassidy continues to be our consistent and happy teenager.  It is not without the occasional bump in the road but we could not ask for a better girl for our family.  She has been getting into sports more and more with her making the Junior Varsity field hockey team as an eighth grader.  Titus is the inventor of the family and probably will go on to make something totally useful that you may use someday.  We live with scraps of things floating around but hopefully that is the price for genius.  Ella loves the social scene.  If we do not have friends around then it is a bad day.  She loves to be active and involve us in her creative plays even though we may all be reluctant to be the supporting cast.  God is in control and he has a great plan for us.

We want to thank all of those for standing with us in financial and prayer support.  It is with grateful hearts that we acknowledge the provision that God has provided through you.  May all of you be blessed in the coming year and we look forward to hearing from you about how God is working in your lives.  Our prayer is that God gives you boldness to share that same news with others that you meet as well in the places you live and work.

With love, from the Dubbers – Todd|Kylie|Cassidy|Titus|Ella

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