Are we getting through?

On Cassidy and Todd’s recent trip back to Canada they had several opportunities to visit places that they normally do not get a chance to visit.  One place was Prairie Bible College and they were fortunate to bump into a staff member who was the Dean of Men at the college when Todd was there as a student.  He was amazed that they were there and they had a great time to “catch” up with what has been happening in our lives.

In an email correspondence he wrote:  “The same pride and encouragement you expressed for your students is the exact reality that I feel about you. It is so amazing that you are making such an impact on the world.”

Part of the visit involved discussing an article written that talked about how we set “time-bombs” in the people that we meet or students that we teach.  Sometimes we do not understand why we are learning or hearing certain things in our lives.  It may not be revealed for a few years and then this “time-bomb” goes of with the realization that we learned something for a reason.  Some people may call this the “Aha!” moment.  So a week later we got a facebook message from a former student that illustrated this so well and was so encouraging.  A lot of times we wonder if we are getting through.

The student wrote: “hi, Mr. Dubber. i was just thinking the other day about the solid foundation i have in the arena of fitness and nutrition. and a HUGE part of that is because of the P.E. program at RVA. i see so many people who just aren’t getting it everyday, and actually feel sorry. i feel often that i have the upper hand. staying fit in the US is no easy thing but high school there sure helped equip me. thank you tell those students to make the most of it.”

There are so many things that we “do” that we often forget to remember to go back and thank those who have influenced our lives.  It may take some time but it is worth it in the end.

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