The Distant Boat

Just this past week we went to a movie premiere.  No, we are not involved with the who’s who in the movie industry and it was not Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood but it was exciting nonetheless and we got to hang out with some friends.  Africa Inland Mission’s On Field Media (OFM) branch was commissioned about a year ago to make a full length movie to bring to light the need for indigenous missionaries to go and reach people who are right in their country. Since African culture relies so much on telling stories this movie captured the essence of the way stories are told to convey a The Distant Boat movie premieredeeper meaning.  The actors, directors, and producers involved were all at the premiere and it was a fun event.  The message of the movie was powerful and followed a young, professional Kenyan struggling with the fact that he was called for something more than just rising in the ranks of the business world.  The movie was so well done and had all of the elements that we enjoy but this was not the normal entertainment value that we would expect.  If left us feeling that there is a powerful call in all of our lives to reach out and love others. – see the movie and information here.  It is $5 for a digital copy.  Proceeds are used to make this available for National pastors and churches in East Africa.

This movie also came out just a few weeks after the serious incident at the Westgate mall in the city of Nairobi.  There it was evident that hatred is a powerful weapon used by the evil one to put fear in our hearts.  The producers were concerned that releasing a movie like this would stir unwanted emotions on all sides.  However, the message was so important to get out to Christian believers here in Kenya that we need to reach out to Muslims and show our love and that we do not turn and hide from them.  There are so many people all around us and the main character in the movie struggled with much of what we all struggle with – indifference, ignorance, pursuit of wealth and position, not wanting to show weakness as in compassion, and many more that others might identify with.  Hopefully we have a chance to show you the movie in the future.  We are so glad that God has provided people around us with the skills, abilities, and gifts to be able to do something that will help mobilize the Christian community not only here but around the world.

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