If you are looking to help us out.

There are so many things that we would like to be self sufficient in but there are some areas that we just cannot do it all and find that we may just need a little bit of help in providing opportunities for our own children and the students that we work with here.  Please do not feel that this is a want list so much as a list that maybe you can think about when you are looking to pass these types of things on.  If these are just sitting around your house looking for a new home then we would gladly consider taking them to be used here.

  • gently used laptop for our kids as they start to get more assignments and interest in emailing family back home.
  • guitar for our children to learn on.
  • gently used games and/or flashcards.  We use these all of the time in our home and dorms.
  • hockey stick shafts (ie without blade) – good for floor hockey sticks.
  • racquetballs and badminton racquets and shuttles for physical education.
  • Wallyball net for PE classes/activity

You can check back to this blog to see updated things as we see the need for in our ministry and family.


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