June update – The Call to be More

The end of the school year is very close at hand.  Just a couple of weeks more and we will064 be saying “goodbye” to one more school year and embarking on a new one with our own children in different grades.  On reflection, this past year has been one that has been very full and very rewarding.  There is nothing more exciting and encouraging than finishing a school year, and in the case of our senior students their high school career, on a positive note.  We have been so impressed with this group of seniors and how they are ending their time here well.

At the beginning of the year we start with a Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW).  The speaker we had this year talked about “Living Dead”.  How many times do we find ourselves living for ourselves when we really should be giving our all for Christ.  One of the journal entries challenged us to “be more”.  It said this:

“The call to the nations demands it of us.  We cannot escape the conviction that following Christ compels us to uncompromising excellence in our normal Christian lives.  But, when you are called to represent the King of Heaven in the nations of the earth – be more!  What does that practically mean?  Are you passionate for the Word?  Be more!  Are you seeking His face in daily prayer and worship?  Be more!  Are you studying the culture of those you are called to serve?  Be more!  Do you struggle daily to speak the language of another just so you can tell him about Jesus?  Be more!  It never ends.  We never eclipse the need to be more for Him.”

We are now in June and it is easy to forget these words when we are tired and hoping that we will reach the finish line sooner than the schedule says we will.  We have to admit that we are weary and “well used”.  It is harder to get out of bed.  It is harder to be patient.  It is harder to show love.  Yet we need to “be more!”  It is challenging but it is so rewarding when we do.  People around us are encouraged when we do.  We are so glad that the senior students of this year are rising to the challenge of being more and living dead.

Titus and his pet giraffe?We are looking ahead as well to the next weeks as it will find Cassidy and Todd heading back to Canada to attend Todd’s sister’s wedding in July.  We are so glad that we are able to come back for that.  We will also spend a few weeks trying to visit family, friends and churches for whom we are so thankful for.  We know that they make a huge sacrifice letting us be here in Kenya and work with these students at this school.  This is our tentative itinerary while we are back.  If we are in your area and you would like to see us please let us know and we can make arrangements to drop by your house or meet at a Tim Hortons :).Cassidy and Rocky the frog

  • July 17-21 – Calgary, wedding, Hawkwood Baptist Church
  • July 22-27 – Three Hills
  • July 28 – Aug 1 – Battle Lake Church, Edmonton area
  • Aug 2 – 4 – Calgary
  • Aug. 5 – 11 – Cassidy Stettler, Todd Calgary, Stettler Church
  • Aug 12 – 15 – Three Hills, Rimbey
  • Aug 16 – 19 – Lethbridge E Free Church
  • Aug 20 – 25 – Calgary, Crossfield Church
  • Aug 26 – depart from Calgary

Next school year may hold some interesting challenges as many returning staff are having difficulty raising enough financial support to make it here for the next school year.  That will mean that the staff that is here will have to be creative in how we cover some important areas.  We know that God is in control and that he will have the people here that He needs to accomplish his purpose but it would be great if we had our full staff ready and in place.  Right now it looks as if Todd will be coaching tennis another term which will be more extracurricular activity and mean that he will have been coaching for pretty close to two full years.  Kylie’s job as Dean of Women is going well.  She is quite good at it and the superintendent is happy with her in that role.  It is a demanding job though and she is finding it hard to balance time at home with how much time the job requires.  Getting the first year under her belt will make it easier to anticipate some of the things that will happen again next year.


  • Please pray that returning staff will be able to 059 (2)make it for the start of the next school year.
  • Pray that we can strive to “be more” in our endeavor to do what Christ has asked us to do.
  • Pray for the senior students as they graduate, say goodbyes, and transition from here to their home countries and new schools.
  • Please pray for Kylie, Titus and Ella as they stay here in Kenya while Todd and Cassidy travel back for a wedding.


  • We are so thankful for committed prayer and financial supporters.  Not only could we not do what we do with them but so many families that send their children here could not do what they do as well.
  • That Cassidy and Todd will be able to return to Canada for his sister’s wedding.
  • The heavy rains have stopped that put a lot of the region in turmoil with mudslides and washouts.  We continue to pray for the short rains that will continue to help the crops grow for a good harvest.


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