Life and Death

It is not very often that we receive very good news and very bad news in the same day.  For us Saturday was one of those days that we had the privilege of hearing of the birth of two new additions to our family and the loss of a father of one of our students.  The first one many of us had been anticipated for several months.  After finding out that Carrie, Kylie’s sister, was expecting twins we had been speculating about who they were and whether it was to be girls or boys or a combination of both.  Now we found out that two little boys, five pounds and 17 inches each, were added to the Knysh family.  Our children have new cousins that they have to wait a couple of years to meet them – just in time for the age that all children can test the patience of their parents.  Cassidy just cannot believe that it has taken twelve years to “finally get other children in our family”.  She was pointing out that she will be in college when they start kindergarten.  We reassured her that she will be the “cool college cousin” who the boys will go visit.  Uncle and aunt also have to wait to see what these guys are made of.  The good thing is that they have already picked nicknames of Peter and Nathan so that should be a pretty telling dynamic duo.

The second news we received was not so happy.  The Gennaro famliy, missionaries with AIM for just two years in Lesotho, had been dealing with a very difficult and serious situation for several weeks.  The father went through a very sudden, unexplained, change of health.  The doctors could not figure out what was wrong and he quickly deteriorated.  He was put him into a coma to stabilize him but each time they tried to bring him back things quickly went bad.  There was a glimmer of hope however but the family was brought together in South Africa to go through this journey together.  We have only met this family once but the pain is very real.  This is such a fear of many here.  The students especially are impacted by this event as they realize it could be their mom or dad affected by something like this.  Titus was one who recognized the good and the bad news but pointed out that as one comes in to spend a little time on earth that we meet and enjoy and the other gets to be completely healed and spend the rest of eternity in heaven.  What a great picture and we are glad that Titus sees the significance of life and death.

If you get a chance please pray for both of these families.  There are challenges that they will both be facing.   The Knysh family has doubled in size and looking forward to parenting two little boys which can bring its own joys and challenges.  The Gennaro family has lost a family member and now needs to face the process of grieving and trusting in God even when it does not feel good.  We know that God is in control and trusting in His complete plan for our lives.

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