Banquet 2013 – Titanic

Well, we have tackled probably the single biggest event in the life of an RVA student.  The junior class puts on a banquet for the seniors to show their appreciation and to honour the seniors for making it this far.  It is not just any banquet though.  There is a building that we use that completely gets a “makeover” with a whole new set.  There is a drama and food and entertainment.  With a background in construction Todd got to head this committee up.  At first it was a novel idea but soon it became apparent that the students had big ideas and yet no experience.  Trying to guide and instruct what ideas would be good and what ones would not was a real test.  By the time construction was to begin he had to have much of the materials there ready to go.  He then became project manager which was a fancy term for gopher.  Little did he know that the students had underestimated just how much material was needed and quickly found himself trying to stay within a budget that looked good at the beginning but threatened to go way over.  The experience though that these students got in planning and executing their plans was priceless.  In a place where many of them will never get a chance to have a job any work experience is valuable.  This years theme was “Titanic” so we built the set like the main dining room with a grand staircase and balcony.  The drama and food was very good and the seniors were very appreciative of the quality of everything.  Then after the 60 hours of building everything we took everything down the next day in six hours to return the building to what it is normally used for.  We all had a great time though and really enjoyed the students company.  On to senior store which we will introduce you to shortly…  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Banquet appetizer banquet dessert banquet program banquet table banquet titanic set banquet titanic set2 banquet walk up


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