Is blogging worth it?

OK, I have to admit that I was, maybe still am, skeptical about blogging and keeping people up to date this way.  Blogging was just one of those things that people did before the invention of Facebook to let people know what they were doing and thinking every minute of the day.  It was not a real appealing thing to jump into especially since we are very much not the “hanging sentence” type people.  However, over the past two years that we have kept this blog/website going we have felt that it is a great way for people to drop in on their own time and leisure to catch up with the Dubbers.

So, I have been posting blogs and thinking that all was good.  Then I came across this blog cartoon.blogging-cartoonSay it ain’t so.  I was sure that the things we would post would be of such importance that at least there would be a few more zeros to that number.  Alas, looking at the tracking number of how many people have viewed our blog/website over this past year this might be more true that I wanted to acknowledge.  So, after doing some research on what people are looking for it appears that video game screen shots and videos about animals are the most sought after things that people want.

However, as a result of this conclusive research we will not be adding more of what people end up finding on the internet – useless noise.  Hopefully we are posting meaningful information about how you can pray for us and partner with us in practical ways.  We are constantly reminded about how important to equip these students for life in Christ as they leave here to live in a very dark world.  If there is anything you remember to pray for is our own walk with Christ so that nothing can get in the way of pointing others to Christ.  Please keep up with what we are doing because we really cannot do it without you.

Oh, by the way.  Thanks to the ten of you who have read our blog.

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