Climbing Mount Kenya

One of Cassidy’s twelve tasks was to climb Mount Kenya.  We are not sure if she knew what she as getting into but Todd and her set off early one morning to meet up with the guide and porters who were taking them up this incredible mountain.  If you do not know much about Mt. Kenya let us fill you in.  It is the second highest mountain in Africa topping out at 17,057ft.  We hiked to point Lenana which is 16,355ft (4,985 m) in height.  The round trip walking distance is about 54Km starting at 2,650m.  So there is a 2,335m altitude gain in 27Km.  We started walking and about an hour into it Cassidy had thought we had gone a long way since that was the longest she had ever walked before.  Little did she realize that we had a lot more walking to do.

This trip was more than just walking up the mountain though.  Cassidy learned a lot about herself.  The ability to set out on a goal and accomplish it was a huge hurdle that she tackled well.  God was speaking to her through the experience as well and a lot of thoughts were becoming more focused.  She also met a totally different group of people from all over the world as well who were hiking and climbing the mountain.  The stories that she heard and saw unfold were things that money could not buy.

This could be a very long blog if we were to give a run down on each of the five days we were on the mountain.  Maybe we will let the pictures tell their own story.  We would love to give more detail if you would like.  Just email us with your mountain story and we can share ours with you as well.

Here is a little picture montage of what we saw on our trip.

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