39th Annual Pinewood Derby

It would not be another year without the Pinewood Derby.  This is a huge event which the students (and a surprising amount of dedicated adults) make cars out of wood.  It takes a lot of staff and a fair amount of technology to make things run smoothly.  This is the second year that Todd managed the race which meant overseeing everything from the track set up to end of race.  It is a really big job but it is a blessing to work with the experienced RVA staff.  Just to give an idea of what goes into it he put in about 24 hours of work over three days on top of the normal teaching responsibilities.  This does not count the amount of hours put in by so many other staff to make the day a success.  It makes for a full day of racing.

One hundred and fifty two cars were entered into nine different categories this year vying for the six awards in each category.  Each student puts in several hours to make their cars just right.  It is an awesome event in which we see the creativity of many students come out.  A student took the fastest car award for the second year in a row.  He is graduating this year though so that will mean someone else will have to take his place next year – maybe it will be Titus.  We wish we could show all of the cars.  We think that the best part of the day is to see the community come out and cheer for the participants even though they have no control of their car once it is on the track.  Enjoy the pictures of the fun times.

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