End of Term One 2012

We have begun to reflect on the past three months.  It is amazing just how fast time goes when we are busy.  No sooner have we started the term and all of the sudden it is over and almost Christmas.  Where did the time go?  Well let us tell you how we spent the last three months.

Todd – chasing balls.  OK, this may be a very oversimplification of what he does but it does describe the school term in a nutshell.  Tennis was added as part of his coaching repertoire and even though it was not what he was thinking would happen it turned out pretty good.  The tennis team made it to the semi finals in the league and won the sportsmanship award.  As a coach I was really proud of the players improvement but am looking forward to the regular coach coming back and taking that job over again next year.  Still being P.E. department head which basically boils down to telling kids to stop climbing on all of the things they are not to climb.  However, this role does allow him to plan units like floor hockey which he got to play with the students for a majority of the term.  What a great game.

Kylie – in the Dean of women’s office.  With the temporary Dean of men arriving late for the beginning of term and also being away at meetings Kylie has had the lion share of things to deal with.  She has been a trooper but surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, the students do not let up on their shenanigans just because someone is away.  Meetings galore and meetings with students for both discipline and mentoring.  It is hard to believe but sweet Kylie gave out nine demerits in one day possibly setting a new record.  Anyway we look at it, it has been a very full schedule.  We are hoping that it does not take the entire year for the work load to reduce of doing both of the Deans jobs.

Cassidy – out of the house much of the time.  Junior high.  What else should we say?  This new phase brings a huge amount of social interaction and more homework.  She is doing well but having to find the balance in both of those areas.  Math is a struggle because there are so many other “better” things to do.  She played basketball as well so Todd got to drive bus for her team and watch her play.  She has potential to be a good little player and her dad takes the opportunity when she leaves class to have her shot a few baskets – just creating a little pressure.

Titus – is it recess/lunch yet?  The big thing at this age is to play soccer all of the time.  Kind of reminds me of the times we would always play street hockey as much as we could and maybe do our homework.  We barely see him during the school day.  He comes home for the thirty second lunch and then is off again.  Really fun to be that age and we hope that he does not lose the enthusiasm to be active.  Now we just need to channel that energy to learning and homework…

Ella – can I have a playdate?  Well if we thought that Cassidy had a social life then Ella is about 10 times that amount.  School is good but the real party happens in the afternoon.  We love Ella and she is full of character.  Definitely keeps us hopping.  The one down side is that Ella has been struggling with a UTI problem now for over a year (maybe almost two years now).  It is frustrating for us because we want the best for her but she is a real trooper through this whole thing.  She could use some real prayer in this area.  We are getting to the point of having to make some big decisions which may involve having to seek medical help back in Canada.

Anyway, you can see that we have had yet another full term.  There really is never a dull day.  If you think of us please pray that we will have the rest and refreshing that we need this coming break.  All of us are really dragging.  We also would like prayer for Ella and the decisions that we have to make.  Also continue to pray for the upcoming elections that Kenya will be holding at the end of March.  It may seem a long way away but already we are starting to hear things that are not encouraging.

We are so very thankful for your continued support and patience as we work on creating a more consistent communication with all of you.  We hope that the past three months have been great for you and your family.  We would not mind hearing from you as well if there have been things happening in your life.  It helps us feel connected with friends in Canada as well.

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