Multicultural Day and One World Run 2012

Multicultural day is a much anticipated event here at RVA.  The theme this year was “GO“.  After a very good Spiritual Emphasis Week in which the students were challenged about taking the Gospel to all peoples we thought it would be fitting to make the theme a simple reminder that we are called to go.  It is also a time where all of the students get to “wear their colours” and show patriotism for their home, or at least passport, country.  There is an hour long program in which students do presentations and then present the different flags of the countries that are represented here at RVA.  Typically there are 20-25 countries that students come from which makes this place really unique.  It is so good to be here and seeing all of the students cheering for every nationality.  Makes us proud to be a part of what is going on here.


Three hundred and thirty runners/walkers on a beautiful day.

We hosted the One World Run again for the third year as well on this day.  It is becoming an annual event.  This year we decided to tie it together with our multicultural day activities.  After our flag program we had a short break and then got into a 5K run and 2.5K walk in support of Aids Orphans in Kenya and celebrating our diversity.  This year was a huge success with a beautiful day provided and about 330 participants (180 runners and 146 walkers).  It was awesome seeing a huge crowd of people at the start line just waiting to go and then the surge forward when time started.  There were the logistics of pulling this off but after doing it a couple of times before we had a good idea of what to anticipate.  Everyone had a great time as evidenced by the smiles on peoples faces.  Cassidy and Titus even got into the event and did the 5K run.  Cassidy is a pretty fast runner and really enjoyed it.  Titus finished the run  which was pretty much the longest run he has ever done.  We were so proud of them.  Kylie and Ella even got into the fun doing the 2.5K walk.  Ella was so very glad to be done but they had a good time participating.  Todd got to work with some more amazing staff members.  He and his brother in law, Peter, worked together which was a really good thing as they got to do something together in their really busy schedules.

We are so glad to be here and participate in the way the God is working in the lives of young people who have the potential to go out into the world and take the Gospel to the nations.

Here are a few pictures of the days events.

Multicultural Day










One World Run









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