First day of school and another milestone

Our children have advanced to the next grade in school – Yahoo!  The surreal part is that Cassidy is off to junior high, Titus is grade four, and Ella is in kindergarten.  Wow, all three children are in school!  Now we know that we are not the first parents to experience this but it is yet another milestone in our lives.  The house is quiet for much of the day as all of us are out doing our jobs for the school hours.  It is fun to see the giddiness of the new junior higher and the new kindergartener.

The best story was when Ella, at the first day of school, was told that the teacher would see them tomorrow.  She turned to Kylie and said, “I get to come back again tomorrow!” very excitedly.  It reminded us that we need to have that same enthusiasm for all of the things we do.  “We get to come back tomorrow” is our new theme.  Thanks Ella for the reminder.

We are so proud of our children and it is so good to join them on the journey of growing up.  Please pray that we will make the right decisions as parents to help guide them in this way.

Here are some pictures of the first day of school.





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