Twelve Tasks

Cassidy is in the midst of accomplishing “twelve tasks” since she turned twelve this year.  This is something that many parents have done with their children here at RVA.  These tasks are meant to be a “right of passage” to becoming a teenager and create a little bonding time with her mom and dad.  We sat down with Cassidy and talked about what she would like to do and what we would like to see her be able to do by the end of the time.

Cassidy’s twelve tasks are: learn how to ride a piki (motorbike), design and build something in the woodshop, climb Mt. Logonot, climb Mt. Kenya, host a dinner party, cook a meal with Mary at her house, learn how to make bread, learn how to do laundry, sew an outfit for a doll, get hair braided in many little braids, stay with a missionary family who lives outside of RVA, and memorize Psalm 1.  Currently we are working on riding a piki.  It is a lot of fun and she is doing great.  We will blog and include pictures about each one of these tasks to keep you up to date with her progress.  She needs to be done by March 30, 2013 which is her thirteenth birthday.

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