Ambassadors Reception

First off we want to be clear that we have not renounced our Canadian citizenship.  However, we recently had the privilege of attending a reception at the U.S. ambassadors residence in Nairobi.  This is certainly not an everyday event but we received an invitation to attend this event as Kylie is an alumni of RVA and thought that we should attend.  We did not want to offend our neighbours to the south.  It was a hard thing to do and we struggled though every minute but we managed to endure it.

Actually, kidding aside, we really enjoyed this event as there were alumni there from 1969 to 2011.  The ambassador, Scott Gration and his wife are also alumni from RVA, so they had organized this event as part of their reunion years and invited many others to their party.  We found ourselves mingling with so many people who have done amazing things with their lives.  It was awe inspiring.  It was hard to find an alumnus that was not doing some sort of humanitarian work or working for large corporation traveling the world.  We talked with people who are working in Sudan helping with the reconstruction of that country to people who worked for Nokia systems.  Many of the alumni also work at RVA.  Amazing to stand in a room filled with people who are living their lives for God.  We were honoured to be there.  Of course we looked like a bunch of tourists taking pictures so we thought we would share those with you as well.


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