Alumni Weekend

When it comes to RVA there are two things for certain.  Third term is rainy and alumni weekend marks the end of the school year.  This year was the “alumni year” for the class of 2010.  Many of those students make their way here to reunite with classmates and reminisce about the days they were in school and find out how much things have changed.  This year we had three former dorm girls stay with us.  We had a great time visiting with them and finding out what they have been up to for the past two years.  We have to admit that it is such a great thing to be able to relate with former dorm students in an adult way.  It also feels like we are talking to our “adult children” as they still ask those important questions and share the exciting things in their lives.  What a great relationship it is.

Alumni weekend is also about the alumni coming back to show the current varsity teams that they still have what it takes to play the games they played here.  Kylie and I host the field hockey and volleyball games.  We have been here long enough now that all of the players that come back have been on one of our teams.  It is really neat to see those players again.  This year both the field hockey and volleyball varsity teams were beat by the returning alumni.  We figure that we really do cheer for both teams though when they play.

The thing that we like the most about alumni weekend is learning how God is using former students from RVA for his glory.  Whenever we sing the line in the song Everything Glorious by the David Crowder Band that says, “my eyes are small but they have seen the beauty of enormous things” we think of the privilege it is to be a part of this amazing ministry.

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