Volleyball try-outs and Biking Interim 2012

It is that time of year again.  Time to start winding up for next term sports.  The volleyball program is such a highlight for Todd.  The teams have been made.  Hopefully the athletes have been training so that when they come back it will not be hard to get right into the swing of things to play.  We start almost right away with the international school league and then we head into a national school season where we try to find up and coming volleyball teams to play.  We also plan to go to a high security prison to play the inmates and guards for our outreach games.  That is an experience that we do not forget too easily.  Having other staff to help coach seems to be the biggest hurdle.  So… if you feel particularly called to be a volleyball coach (among other things) please think about coming out to RVA.  He sure could use some coaching depth.

Interim is another fun activity that happens at the end of this term.  It is a great program that has our junior and senior students head out on specialized educational trips for one week.  This year, along with two other staff members, Todd got to lead the biking interim for the third time.  The adventure and challenge of riding many kilometers and through areas of elephants, hyenas, rhinos with seventeen students is always both exciting and anxiety filled.  Some of these students have not ridden on a bike for as many days as we ride for so the first few days are interesting.  This year we rode about 150Km. It is a great trip and gives the students a sense of accomplishment by the end.  Here is the video that the students produced to show the rest of the school of what we did.  It is a fun time and we hope that the students learn much from the trip.



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