Senior re-entry weekend

There is a unique aspect of working here at RVA.  We experience a high number of transitions and changes in our environments that it is easy to forget just how these things affect us.  Transition never occurs in a vacuum.  It involves people at every turn and junction of our lives.  Transitioning well means learning how to say goodbye well.  This in turn allows us to say hello well.  We work with children who may experience many transitions during the course of a year.  Just sitting back and counting the transitions from family to school and back again a student could go through a minimum of twelve of those types of transitions in one year alone.

Each year Todd has the privilege of starting the process here at RVA by presenting material to the senior students in health class about what has been termed “Third Culture Kids” (TCKs).  Granted, the students are much more of the experts in this area than Todd is.  However, the idea is to provide a starting point for the seniors to start dialoguing about their experiences and the upcoming transition of moving from high school across the world and re-entering their “home” culture.  For many of these students they probably consider the “host” culture their home.  It can be a particularly trying time of adjustment and acceptance of a new way of life.  In order to help them start leaving well, which will help them enter well, we dedicate a weekend for the seniors to leave campus and spend time as a class working through the important material. 

Please pray for the grade twelve students graduating this year.  It is important to leave well and we are hopeful they are processing the importance of this next transition as one that will help them set the course of the next few years on their lives.  Please pray that they will build their RAFT through Reconciliation, Affirmation, Farewells, and Think Destination.  We are excited that they will be leaving us soon to disperse around the whole world taking with them the knowledge that we have spent many hours instilling into them.  We are also beginning to realize that for many of them these last few months will be the last time we get to see them.

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