Lightning strikes twice?

There is probably never a day that goes by that is not full of some sort of crazy event.  Just the other day it was an intense lightning storm that had a bolt of lightning strike right in the middle of our campus.  Thankfully no one was hurt but it certainly left people scurrying for cover.  People described it as a white blinding light with instant deafening noise.  Some kids were even thinking that the school was under attack as the sound of the lightning sounded like machine gun and artillery – only something these kids would be able to think of when an event like this happens.  The only problem is that just when we may have started thinking that the Internet was improving this bolt of lightning fried about $25,000 – $30,000 worth of equipment and putting us back to the age of having to communicate face to face.  It may mean that we will have to wait a few weeks to communicate effectively with everyone we know back in Canada.  Right now we have to use the time our connection to the outside world is working efficiently.  Hopefully, lightning does not strike twice.  Please pray for wisdom for the tech guys working here to get things up and going enough for us to carry on our teaching here.  Amazing how dependent we can get and the shock it is when it is taken away.

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