Post Election Trial News

The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague has just ruled today that four prominent Kenyan politicians will be tried for their part in the post election violence that gripped the country in 2007.  Even to this day there are thousands of people “displaced” and having to rebuild their lives.  We can even see a few camps from here at the school.  Even five years later there are people who are just starting to build more permanent structures and moving out of tattered and ruined tents.  It is hard to believe but we are sure that even the Kenyan people do not believe that this day has come.  Yet the rhetoric that still comes from these politicians is even harder to believe.  Even in the face of being convicted of serious crimes against humanity they still claim to still be in the running for the presidency in the next election that is supposed to be held later this year.  There seems to still be a very large disconnect with reality and the seriousness of the crimes.  We have included a political cartoon that was in a recent newspaper.  Even though it may seem funny, the truth is that it really does seem to work this way here. Please pray for the people of this country.  Pray that they will be able to see the seriousness of the situation and demand that those who are in positions of power be held accountable for everything from how they represent them in the government to how they spend the money.  Pray that they will not resort to violence again because many could be angry that some popular politicians will be facing these accusations.  We are so glad that something is being done and that there will be justice for the approximately 1,100 people who lost their lives and thousands more who suffered horrific physical and mental pain because of the selfishness of those in power.

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