Water plus a hot sunny day equals…

Titchie Water Field Day!  This tradition dates back many years as part of titchie weekend and gives the young kids a chance, or excuse, to douse each other with water.  There are many stations of water related activities – water pants, dodge sponge, musical buckets, splish – splish – splash (duck, duck, goose), balloon/sponge launcher, dunking booth, and shaving cream wash.  It ends with a large slip and slide that is set up on the hill.  All of the elementary school aged children have a great time.  The parents are busy going around taking pictures and visiting with one another. 

This day also coincides with the start of banquet asking.  We will be writing more about this later if you do not know what this is.  Most of the junior and senior students are wondering who is going to ask who to the banquet that happens later this term.  There is a lot of drama around it but one year a student went so far to have his dad, who was a pilot, make a flyby of the school dropping a bag of candy and the note to ask a girl to the banquet.  It was a cool idea but ended up being more crazy than anticipated.  People were scrambling to get away from this “candy bomb” that was thrown out of the airplane as it barely cleared the rugby poles over the field.  It sure made a memory which is talked about to this day.

So titchie water field day is a memorable day full of water, laughs, and more water.  Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what it is like.

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