The BIG Bus

Well, it is official.  I have joined the prestigious fraternity of bus drivers at RVA.  After having my license endorsed to drive big vehicles in Kenya and a half an hour of instruction I got behind the wheel of the bus with 42 people in it and roared along at the paltry speed of 80 Km/h.  I have to admit that it is exhilerating and very scary at the same time.  There were so many things to remember and pay attention to.  

Driving a forty foot vehicle that can only go 80 Km/h (fixed with a speed governor because that is the law in Kenya) kind of makes other drivers, who feel the need to go 110 Km/h, think that they have to get by it as fast as they can.  It is not uncommon to have vehicles passing on the shoulder of the road or trying to get by and just swerving in front in time before oncoming vehicles crash into them.  The best way to describe it is that it is chaotic Indy car racing in both lanes – that is the exhilerating part.  The scary part is that you never know when the next big pile-up will happen and you just hope and pray that you are not involved in it.  Thankfully, we had a good trip.  Anyway, there is always a need for drivers for the big bus and hopefully I will be available to help in this area. 

Who knows, since we do not have a vehicle of our own that maybe the bus will be a form of transportation that we can use to do our shopping and traveling in.  Now we just need to find 42 other friends to offset the cost :).

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