Support and Vehicle Fund Review 2011

Monthly Support:

We have been very blessed to have such faithful prayer and financial partners in what we do here at RVA. We have had an interesting year and have been reminded again and again that God is in control and that He provides for all our needs. We do have a financial target that we hope to be at for a majority of our time but we trust that God provides as much as we need. We do not find ourselves with a lot of extra money to put towards retirement funds and education funds but we do our best with what we get and put as much as we can into those areas so that we can be responsible in those areas as well.

We would like to give you an idea of what happened this year in terms of our financial support and where we are at in our funds for a vehicle.
Each month we receive a statement from Africa Inland Mission which tells us how much came in for our support. We are just coming off a year long home assignment where we spent a lot of time traveling and visiting churches. We were so encouraged by the fact that we had receieved commitments for 100% of our financial target. However, over the course of the last few months we have seen a decline. Here is a graph of what we have seen over the past year.

A Vehicle:

We have also looking forward to the ability to purchase a vehicle. After purchasing a vehicle a few years ago and going through the disaster of the engining seizing beyond repair because of a faulty engine rebuild we would like again to find a vehicle that would suit our needs as well as the needs of the types of ministries that we find ourselves doing. Our goal is to find a vehicle that will be easy to maintain and provide room for not only our family but also for extra passengers as needed. Unfortunately even a simple vehicle like the 2002 van you see is approximately $18,000 – $20,000.  A 2003 Prado would cost closer to $30,000.  There are many reasons why the cost is so high but we do know that God provides just what we need.  As of right now we have .05% of the $20,000 amount raised for a vehicle.
If you would like to partner with us in either of these areas please contact AIM at

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