One World Run

It started out being a fun little run that we were going to hold on a Sunday afternoon.  We did not expect it to turn into a major event with about one hundred staff and students participating.  With torrential rains threatening the weather held off long enough for us to complete the run which was a huge blessing.  What a great turn out for an event that is totally voluntary and in support of an important cause – AIDS orphans here in Kenya.  The One World Run is an international awareness/ fundraiser for Project AIDS Orphan with a 5K run taking place on all seven continents.  It was a challenge to find a flat enough area that we could hold a 5K run here but for the most part we have found a route that even a fourth grader could finish.  It was also important to be able to have support staff like marshalls and a piki (motorbike) rider to be able to be along the course.  Then of course there are the fans cheering participants as they cross the finish line.  It was a fun community building event that I hope also helped to bring to light some of the issues that we know all too well that devastates families here in Kenya.  The scourge of AIDS has created a very young population who have no parents to provide love, nuturing, and guidance to become the next leaders of this country.

Runs like this also provide a great picture for me of finishing the race here on earth and crossing into heaven with those already there cheering us on.  Some finished faster than others but all finished and received the same enthusiasm for running well.  Looking forward to next year already.  Hopefully we will have more participants and can have such a great time again.   

Project AIDS Orphan is a non-profit organization supporting children who have been orphaned by the AIDS crisis in East Africa.  Funding goes directly towards Mission House of Hope, which provides food, clothing, health care and education to AIDS orphans in Kenya.  Stateside, the goal is to create an awareness of the African AIDS crisis, educate individuals about how they can help and raise funds for these children. 

If you want to know more about One World Run please feel free to visit their website

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