Pinewood Derby

 What does a block of wood and four wheels have in common?  About 150 kids (and a few adults) all trying to get theirs traveling down the track fastest or judged for best workmanship.  Seven hours of heats, semifinals, and finals.  Grade four students to adults get their racing fixes watching these cars zoom down the track in about 4 seconds.  What a great thing it is to see the excitement and joy that students have when their car finishes first.  A total of 57 awards are given by the end of the day.   This year we had 56 of the of awards go to different students which goes to show that many of the cars were both well made and fast down the track.  The students put a lot of work into their little blocks of wood.  Some have a lot of “science” that they try to employ to make their car the fastest.  This year the fastest time clocked for a car was 3.747 secs to cover the 65 foot track.  It takes a lot of attention to detail to get a small car to do that.  

Kylie and Titus’ “Ice Cream Truck” won for best engineered in the womans category.  It is probably one of the toughest categories to win an award in since all of the entrants are very creative and detailed.  They had a great time putting their car together.

Todd got ambitious and whittled down his piece of wood which meant that he had to add a lot of metal to bring the car up to the legal weight.  It was not a very successful car this year as the field was both fast and well made.  It was very neat to see what the other participants were able to come up with. 

The "Ice Cream Truck"


"Night Fury"

“The Car Chase” by Lee Rosevere (

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