Let it Rain!

We have been experiencing a lot of rain lately.  So much so that we think that rubber boots are standard wear for all occasions.  It has pretty much rained every day for the past few weeks.  It has been a while since we have seen rain like this at this time of year but the people in the area are so very happy to have good rains that have really gone deep in the ground.  We are praying that the seeds that have been planted will not whither and fail in the next few months.  

The rain is also playing havoc with our P.E. program as we plan to do outside activities during this term and each day is an adventure to see if it is going to be raining or not.   Nothing like playing lacrosse out in the rain slipping and sliding all over.  We still have a good time and the students end up laughing.

We were doing dorm cover one night and heard this tremendous cracking noise.  It was a little unnerving as it was raining really hard and it seemed to be very close to the house.  It was really dark out and in the morning we could see that part of a tree had came crashing down with the weight of the water and the wind.  Thankfully there were no kids on the merry go round that it came down on.  There is always something new happening here at RVA. 

We thought that we would take a little video to show just how hard it can rain here.

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