More Than Meets the Eye

No, this post is not about the “Transformers” movie even though it makes us want to break out singing the theme song – I guess that dates us back to the original cartoon.  This was the phrase that was used at this years Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) here at RVA.  The speaker encouraged the students to realize that each individual has a much deeper life story about them than most people realize.  Maybe God is working in their lives in ways that we could never imagine.  Maybe they had suffered loss or had a great achievement sometime in their life.  We would never know by just looking at the surface of a person.  People around us could look like they have it all together but yet struggling with the most difficult things of their life.

Another topic was that we are messy people.  We leave messes and create messes all of the time.  Most times though we ignore our problems and look at others and compare ourselves.  Either we are better than those people who are obviously messy or we are worse than those people who “have it all together”.  No matter what we are all messy.  Sin is in all of us and we need help cleaning up. 

Another session was about where we get our strength.  The speaker used Elijah as an example of a person who had every opportunity to see just how amazing God is (I Kings 19).  Did he not just witness God strike the alter with the offering on it with lightning that the prophets of Baal had been trying to get their gods to consume?  Almost immediately after that event Jezebel threatens to kill Elijah and Elijah sets off running saying that it was to much for him.  Wouldn’t Elijah just realize that if it were God’s will that he would not allow it to happen?  Elijah ends up in the desert waiting to die and God sustains him eventually leading him to meet Elisha.

It was good to take time to reflect on how God has purposed us to be here at this time.  Some staff that we have talked to have really expressed that they are feeling like Elijah under the broom tree in the desert saying to God “I am done, I cannot do any more”.  We have to admit that school is consuming.  The time to prepare and plan for all of the events that we are responsible does not leave much time for “down time”.  We really need to plan for those times as well.  Sometimes it means that we need to intentionally leave campus so that we can find that time as a family.  Not having a vehicle of our own creates a challenge that we need to be creative finding ways to do that.  We are praying that we can have times of rest and relaxation so that we can meet the demands of school.

We are also interested to know more about our supporters.  There is more than meets the eye and we would like to know more about you.  Feel free to leave a comment telling us about the significant events in your life – past, present or future.  It would be great to have those stories documented. 

We thought that we would include the song “Way Beyond Myself” sung by the Newboys.  It is amazing how it wraps up just what we heard during this SEW time.  Thanks for supporting us and we would like to give praise for all of the things God has done for each and every one of us.

Newsboys – Way Beyond Myself

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