Vocabulary of Jobs

As we were helping our kids learn their vocabulary words, we thought – there are probably a lot of terms that we use when refering to jobs and activities here that we need to define better for all of you in Canada.  Here is a list of our vocabulary words.  If you read through, you will gain insight into all the different things that make up our ministry here at RVA.

PE Department Head and Teacher – Todd is the head of the physical education department.  That means that he is in charge of curriculum, purchasing equipment, and the other teachers in the department.  He is also teaching four classes of PE to grade 9 – 12 students.

Canadian Studies – Todd is also teaching one period of Canadian Studies.  RVA is an American school and does not teach Canadian History, etc in their social studies curriculum.  In grade 11 or 12 all of the Canadian students need to take a year of Canadian history, government, etc in order to meet requirements for going to a Canadian university. 

Dean of Women – Kylie is in charge of all of the girls who are boarding at RVA as well as the girl’s dorm parents.  She also handles student discipline involving girls and is part of the administration.

Coaching – Todd coaches varsity volleyball May – July.  Kylie coaches varsity field hockey January – March.  Our teams are part of an international school league that involves both international and Kenyan schools.  We have a lot of great competition and very full seasons. 

Volleyball Outreach – Todd takes groups of students who volunteer their time to go to refugee camps, slums, local villages, and the nearby prison to play volleyball and share a devotional.  Todd built a portable volleyball system that he is able to easily put up and lay out lines. 

Sunday School – Todd is teaching a grade 5 Sunday School class and Kylie is teaching a grade 10 girls Sunday School class.

Caring Community – Three times a term we meet with a small group of students to eat, play games, and visit.  The goal is to connect students with as many adults as possible so we know if a student is struggling.  This year we have a sweet group of six grade seven boys and girls that we meet with.

Sponsoring – Each class at RVA has a group of about 6 – 8 staff members that “sponsor” them.  We are sponsoring the grade 10 class with 3 other couples.  Several times a term we get together for fun class activities and food.  We also provide opportunities for work experience since most missionary kids do not have opportunities to have a job.  Their work experience also raises money for the class and in their grade 12 year the whole class goes to the coast for a few days.  This year we are selling snacks at the school movie nights, selling Valentines items in February(cards, roses, baloons, singing valentines, etc), and helping to serve tables and wash dishes at the Junior / Senior Banquet.

Mentoring – Kylie meets weekly with a senior girl to talk about what is going on in her life and study God’s Word.

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