“I always do the right thing…

.. after I have tried everything else.”

This was the message on a refridgerator magnet that caught our attention.  How many times do we think that very thought “oh well I’ll do better next time” or justifying our actions because that is just the way it is.  Anyone who knows us, and if we are honest with ourselves, would attest to the exact opposite.  Agendas, expectations, pride all get in the way of even doing the right thing at all.  We wish we could say that we always do the right thing but most times it is tainted with selfish motivation.  We were reminded during one of our inservice meetings before school started that being a servant is the ultimate right thing.  Not only being a servant but doing it in such a way that in being a servant you do not mind being treated as one.  This is totally contrary to the message of the world.   It is the opposite to the reality that we create for ourselves. 

I recently read an article that challenged my motivation to do what we do.  The writer said,  We must shatter the notion that our main motivation for global mission is generated by pity for those who have less than we do.  The main motivation for global mission should be that God deserves the worship of all people everywhere, whether they live in mud huts or in fine brick homes with a Mercedes-Benz in the garage.” – Charlie Davis, Servant Magazine, Issue 83, 2009 (emphasis added).

We are such a small part in the whole big picture of things.  However, we are an important part in getting the word out that God does deserve to be worshipped.  Being at RVA is an integral part of not only helping those who are church planting, those evangelizing, those providing clean water, and those helping with famine relief but to guide and mentor young people to be able to do those very things after their schooling.  We are so privileged to have alumni come back and tell us about what they have been doing since leaving school.  It is humbling and inspiring at the same time.