Volleyballs, crazy bees, and New Hope

Todd, Cassidy, and Titus were just involved in our school outreach day the weekend of Sept. 10 and we sure did have a lot of different experiences.  Todd took a group of students to a local IDP (internally displaced people) camp that has been in place since the 2007 election violence that ended with thousands of people fleeing from places they had lived in for generations.  They are starting to build more permanent structures that are just two rooms in size.  This may be good for a family of three or four but many of them have families of six, seven, or even eight living in them.  The environment is harsh, life is hard, and it is chaotic as soon as balls are brought out.  Going to play volleyball provides a measure of relief from the boredom and an opportunity to interact in a different way.  The play was not great but it was fun to get together, play, and share how God is working in our lives.  There is a video of us playing and interacting with the people in this temporary/permanent town at the end of this post.

Cassidy went on an outreach with her school class that went out and planted trees.  They were doing well and had planted many trees.  They stopped for lunch and found that they had disturbed a bee hive.  All of the sudden they were fighting off a swarm of bees that were determined to sting everything in sight.  Some of the kids were stung many times.  Fortunately Cassidy was stung only once and the two children that were highly allergic to bee stings were not stung at all.  We were very thankful for God’s protection in this situation which could have been much worse.  They all came back with adventure stories to share.

Titus went with his class to an orphanage called New Hope.  They played games with the kids with jump rope, hula hoops and parachute.  He practiced his Kiswahili.  They also had taken mandazis along with them so they had to sit and visit with them while they ate.  The children at the orphanage were very happy that they had come to play with them.  He saw that there were a lot of children at the orphanage.  Some were older and many were young babies.  He saw that some had club feet but that it did not stop them from having fun.  It was a good experience to go and interact with those children.