Cleared for take-off

We are so excited to let you know that the tickets have been purchased for us to depart back for Kenya August 12th from Calgary, AB.  We definitely have been anticipating this date for the last few weeks.  However, we are not yet fully supported to the amount that we will be needing in a couple of years when Ella enters school.  We have been so encouraged by many people that we are confident that we will reach this amount and that God knows just how much we need.  We would like to encourage those of you who had expressed interest in joining us with financial support to contact Africa Inland Mission at .  You can just click on this link and let them know of what you would like to do.  Remember you can give a monthly amount that can be directly withdrawn from a bank account or give a one-time gift.  Any amount is a huge blessing for us and for the children at Rift Valley Academy. 

We have not lost the importance of prayer support through this whole time.  Those of you that have praying for us have made a huge difference.  Satan does his best to derail plans and we are not immune from this.  This makes us more confident that we are just where God wants us to be.   This does mean though that we are in need of more prayer through these coming days. 

Please pray that we will have wisdom in purchasing and packing the items that we need to take back with us.  It is especially challenging to plan ahead for the kid’s clothing needs.  Also, pray for us as we say “good bye” to family and friends and then board the plane for two eight hour flights and an overnight in London.  The students return to RVA on August 29th.  We would love to be unpacked, over jet-lag, and prepared for their arrival.  Please, especially pray for Cassidy (11), Titus (9), and Ella (4) as they go through transition once again.