Where are the Dubbers?

It is a little like being in the book Where’s Waldo!  Since school ended for the kids, we are finding ourselves in so many different places.  After four years, it was a lot of fun to head into southern BC again.  Driving through the Rocky Mountains was again breathtaking and it was fun to be in the car together as a family.  So many fun new memories: 

Going downtown Vancouver to catch the Canada Day fireworks.  Riding the gondola up to Grouse Mountain for Jennine’s wedding.  Dipping toes into the cold Pacific Ocean at Stanley Park.  Hiking the four lakes trail in Squamish of which Ella did all 5Km of it.  Seeing fantastic waterfalls.  Visiting Whistler Olympic Park.  Watching the kite boarders skimming the waves in the frigid water of the ocean.  Visiting the restored mine at Britannia Beach and panning for gold.  Swimming and relaxing at the cabin by Lake Okanagan. 

It was a big shock to be back in the Vancouver and Squamish area.  There have been so many changes that it is difficult to remember how it was before.  Being in Squamish gives a sense of familiarity but we experience again that the atmosphere and culture has changed and it is not the same place.  The amount of development in the lower mainland just for the Olympics is fantastic and has attracted a very outdoor minded group of people.

We had very good times of visiting with many people during our trip.  We were able to meet a long time supporter in Kamloops and then on to Langley to visit a previous RVA staff member.  We had a good time of staying with family during the wedding and meeting new people in the lives of our brother and sister.  Then have had a very full schedule of meeting with people in Squamish, Vernon, and Kelowna.  Speaking at Squamish Baptist Church and Harvest Fellowship in West Kelowna.  We are also so thankful for the hospitality of the Denis’ for letting us stay with them for the week in Squamish, the Seutter’s for two days in Vernon, and the Gladman’s for four days at their cabin.  We have been very encouraged and are pleased to find so many people who are passionate about reaching the lost in the communities that they live in.  We hope that we are an encouragment to them as well.

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