Leap of Faith

During our trip to Vancouver we have made it a priority to visit many of the Olympic venues that were built for the 2010 Winter Olympics.  It has been great to be able to go and see where Olympians competed in many different sports.  To be there and imagine what it would take to train and ultimately make it to the pinnacle of their repective discipline.  It was inspiring to just be there and know that people had put their best into what they do at that very place. 

We visited the ski jumping venue and the sliding centre where individuals virutally fling themselves off the starting point and have very little control once they get started.  For those of you who do not know ski jumpers ski down a ramp and then try to “fly” off that same ramp to land the furthest down the slope.  They really only travel about ten feet off the ground but some of them can travel up to 240 metres.  It really is incredible.  The bobsled, luge, and skeleton are just as breathtaking.  At least with bobsled the sled protects a little more than those who luge or skeleton with just a board with runners.  But even then those people can reach speeds of 130 – 140Km/h traveling down an ice covered chute that is purposely made to challenge even the toughest rollercoaster.  The challenge of preparation and competition in these disciplines is hard to comprehend. 

 While we are walking around and looking at these places I could not help to think about how we all face the exact same challenges as Christians and particularly with what we are doing leaving behind family and friends to go back to Kenya.  It really does not make sense for people to jump off of things while skiing and it does not make sense for people to launch themselves down a crazy ice chute.  In essence we are doing the same and it may not make sense but it is for Gods glory and eternal life that we do what we do.  More and more it is a giving up of the worlds empty promise and the embracing of God’s everlasting promise.  The Olympians train for the earthly prize but we as Christians should be training for the heavenly prize.  I do not think that I could ever get up the courage to do these events but I hope that I could get up the courage to answer the call of Christ in my life.  It is not easy and there is very little recognition for that here on earth but that is not what the prize is about.

We are at yet another leap of faith point in our lives.  We are trusting that God provides and we have made plans to be at the next big event (departure for Africa in August) but yet we are not yet fully supported financially to actually go.   Many of you have probably received our latest prayer letter and prayer card in the mail.  Along with those things we included a pledge form and postage paid envelope.  We do not intend to pressure you to feel like you have to give but we would like to give you the opportunity at God’s prompting to give as you can.  We also realize that some of you already support us financially.  We are truly grateful for that and know who you are.  Due to the postal strike and our travels to BC we decided that we would include all of the information in each envelope so that people would know where we are at.  You can still use that pledge form and envelope to confirm that you are praying for us because that really is still the basis for what we are doing and the most important area of support that we are still in need of.

While we were at the sliding centre we heard this strange noise and saw several people going down a zip line that was the most incedible distance and height.  We took a short video of it and thought that we would share it with you.  Kylie and I looked at each other and said that this is what we kind of felt like at this point in time.  It looked as if it was hugely exhilerating but probably the most scary thing that those people had done.  There is a point of no return on this line as there is a point of no return with us as well.  We are committed and ask if you would be committed, in prayer and finances, with us as well.