Whispering Pines Ladies Retreat 2011

This past weekend (June 10-12) I (Kylie) spoke at a ladies retreat at Whispering Pines Bible Camp.  I have been preparing for several months and was thrilled to have had such a wonderful time.  It was great to meet all of the ladies there and to hear their stories.  Their testimonies of God’s faithfulness thoughout all of the trials of life were so glorifying to God and encouraged me immensely.  During the first session I shared my testimony and then over the course of the next three sessions we explored the chosen topic of “Heaven”.  I do not think that we study Heaven enough.  I have learned so much over these last few months and grown a lot in my relationship with God as I have prepared for this.  I was so thankful to have friends and family praying for me while I did this.  I feel like God really spoke through me and I was encouraged by the positive feedback and deep converstaions that the sessions inspired.  I look forward to the day that I will see these ladies again in our future, eternal Home!

The kids stayed with grandpa and grandma as Todd and I went to the retreat.  Todd had a great time helping out in the kitchen … while I played games and visited.  He did get a few minutes off and we went canoeing  enjoying the spectacular beauty of the Rocky Mountains.  It was so peaceful and renewing!

This next week Todd is camping again.  This time he is going with Cassidy to Circle Square Ranch for her 5th grade school camping trip.  He will be helping to teach archery and camp skills as well as supervising a cabin of boys.  We are praying that Cassidy has a wonderful time with friends she has nade here in Stettler.  It will be her first chance to spend time with them before we head to BC at the end of this month.

Hitting the road at the end of the month will mean the beginning of our journey back to Kenya.  We are so thrilled to see a small increase in our support and are praying that it continues to grow.  We are also thrilled that we are able to purchase a new computer with the help of a very special prayer warrior.  Thank you to all of you that expressed your concern for our computer situation!