What? Our faithful computer died?

It is inevitable.  Things do not last forever.  However, we are totally surprised that our laptop that we bought before we went to Kenya in 2004 finally gave up the “good fight”.  Granted it was seven years old but it faithfully served us and we nursed along through the fluctuating Kenyan power grid.  Maybe Todd had a bond with it was they both experienced a great deal of input when they came back to Canada.  Todd with professional development and the computer with three years worth of updates. 

It is a very serious issue though as Kylie has been using it to prepare for a Ladies Retreat that she will be speaking at on June 18, just a week and a half away.  She has spent a very long time preparing and she was just getting to the point of having her sessions polished.  We had bought an external hard drive a couple of months ago to keep things from really disappearing from the computer but she had not yet saved the final product to that hard drive.  So she is in a very difficult position of not knowing how badly it crashed and if any of her work can be recovered.  We are hoping that a computer technician friend of ours will be available tomorrow to help but right now we have very little hope with the way the computer was behaving.  Please pray that all of Kylie’s sessions will be recovered.  She has been very diligent and for this to happen just a week before she is to speak has been a really huge shock for her. 

It is also serious as we were hoping that we would not have to face another purchase right now as we have been undersupported for this whole year and we do not have the funds to buy another computer to replace this one.  We would like to replace it however, as Kylie will be in a role that will require her to have access to a computer that would be hers to use with the sometimes sensitive and confidential material that she will be dealing with.  Please pray that God will provide for this need as well before we leave for Kenya.