Itinerary for the next couple of months

Well, here it is.  At least what we are considering our last couple of months here in Canada.  Seats are booked on British Airway to leave from Calgary on August 13th.  Our few possessions here in Canada are starting to find their way to storage.  School is winding down.  The owners of the house we have been housesitting for are coming back.  Yet we are a long way from getting the final approval with our financial support but we are doing our best to be faithful and trust that God has us right were He wants us and where He wants us to go. 

We thought that it would be good to share where we are planning to be over the next few months so that our prayer supporters can pray for our times speaking and visiting with those interested in what we are doing.  The biggest thing would be that God will provide the finances necessary.  The next biggest item would be the safety that we do not want to take for granted driving many long kilometers.  We are so thankful that we have not had any problems and the vehicle we are using has been reliable.  What an answer to prayer that has been already.

This is where we plan to be over the next several weeks:

June 5 – Crossfield Baptist Church/wedding shower for Todd’s sister Jennine in Airdrie

 June 10-12 – Ladies Retreat at Whispering Pines Bible Camp

June 18 – Prayer Breakfast at Holy Nativity Anglican Church, Calgary

June 26 – Farewell at Stettler Baptist Church

July 2 – Wedding

July 3 – New Beginnings Baptist Church, Vancouver

July 10 – Squamish Baptist Church

July 17 – Westbank?  Not sure just yet but we plan to be in the area.

July 24 – Back in Stettler to get house ready for homeowners

July 25-Aug 13 – Last minute shopping for kids and pack up ready to go.