We do not write just about Ella very often but we thought that we would share this very important milestone in her life.  Graduation is not a word that we anticipates using to describe the end of playschool for Ella.  Wow, graduation.  Just what does this mean?  Thankfully Ella did not let it go to her head but she has definitely “grown up” during the year and we are do glad that she was able to participate in this program with other kids her age.  She was able to make some good relationships and in the end they all wanted her to come over to play.  The playschool teachers were also very glad to have her which, I am sure, is every parents desire.  During the “ceremony” her teacher said that even though she was shy at first she really came out of her shell and was a lot of fun in the class.  We can attest that she is a character and glad that she was able to feel comfortable to be herself with others.  So it is with honour that we present to you Ella Dubber of the graduating class from Sharebear Playschool 2011.