To infinity and beyond

What a whirlwind weekend.  We definitely felt that we were going to infinity as we embarked on our eleven hour trip to Prince George, BC.  We left immediately after school on Friday and started the trek.  After staying the night in Hinton, AB to see Kylie’s brother, wife and newborn baby we made it to Prince George Saturday afternoon where we stayed with our friends the Walkeys.  We have to admit that the novelty of being in the car that long long wears out by the second or third hour but we are so impressed with our children who are amazing troopers to do this with us.  What a priviledge it is to be together and see the scenic panoramas that make up our country of Canada.  We had to take a picture of Mt Robson – the tallest mountain in Canada.

We attended Central Fellowship Baptist Church where we spoke and updated people there about what we have been doing for the past four years.  We actually visited Prince George when Ella was only a few weeks old in 2007 so it was very good to be there again.  God continues to amaze us with how he works out His plan.  So much of what I had come prepared to say was reiterated in the worship and praise times.  The testimony of what we heard was so encouraging.  At a time when many of the congregations that we go to are asking “how” this congregation was putting feet on God’s love going into the community around them and doing the practical.  What a great way to reach out and we were blessed to hear the testimony of the events that even touched their lives.

The more we travel the more we realize that we do not want to take safety for granted.  This past trip was no exception.  We traveled just about 2,000 Km and we came upon a four car accident that had happened just seconds before we got there, a car that was behind us just went into the ditch for apparently no reason, and an icy section of road that even semi trucks were sliding all over and had us wondering if we should even go on.  God is good as He kept us safe through all of those situations.  Thank you to all of you who prayed for us during this trip as we really do see the hand of God guiding and directing us.

We are looking forward to a little more of a slower pace next weekend spending the weekend with Kylie’s parents in Three Hills.  We are anticipating the celebration of Easter.  As one person so aptly put it, “Christmas is good, but Easter is even better.”  May we all remember what Christ has done for each and every one us.