Hockey Night in Canada

Probably the most favorite thing that Titus and Todd have enjoyed about being back in Canada is the constant ice hockey available to us on the TV.  Especially during the playoffs.  One of the privileges that we have had is to be able to go to a few games as well.  Recently, Todd took his dad as a Christmas/birthday gift to the last regular season game between the Vancouver Canucks (their favorite team) and the Calgary Flames.  What a neat opportunity to go since his dad is not as mobile as he once was.  God knew though and he provided us with a van that could transport his scooter to the game and it was just perfect that Vancouver was in Calgary for the last game of the season.  What a fun time.  Vancouver won and the fans that came to cheer for Vancouver were giving high fives all around and having a great time.  Todd admits though that it was bitter sweet since Calgary is Titus’ favorite team so it was not without a litte ribbing that he left the stadium with a Calgary Flames bag and poster with items that were given to him by the concourse staff with whom he had talked about living in Kenya and that his son was a big fan.  It is all about loyalty – isn’t it?  Anyway, here are some pictures of us hanging out.